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Halloween, Elsa and the Index Simulacrorum Prohibitorum

Cross-posted on the Corner. Kyle has already discussed the controversy over Halloween Moana here, concluding as follows: The Left used to insist on seeing people as individuals, not as members of groups. The goal used to be that kids of different … Continue reading

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One must sometimes be wrong to ever be right

National Review has a piece up, The Party of Civil Rights. In it Kevin D. Williamson makes the case that everything you thought you knew about the relationship of the Democrats and Republicans to Civil Rights is wrong. There is … Continue reading

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Everyone is a racist and an anti-Semite

It looks like the Left-leaning Center for American Progress is under fire for “anti-Semitism.” The issue at hand is the use of rhetoric such as “Israel-Firster.” CAP’s problem is that it fancies itself a mainstream organization which endeavors to effect … Continue reading

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The limits of Afrocentrism

The university’s decadent rituals of racial sin and expiation continue apace;  affirmative action hires and the ever-burgeoning student life bureaucracy make such self-engrossed wallowing intractable.  An “associate professor of philosophy” at Duquesne University, author of Black Bodies, Whites Gazes: The … Continue reading

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