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Just Another Foolish Priest

A cleric talking nonsense is hardly news, but when it’s the right sort of nonsense, the Washington Post can be relied upon to gush: Ambitious and outspoken, the new head of Washington National Cathedral has attracted more attention over the … Continue reading

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Watching the Bishops

Joe Biden: “Yesterday we finished up in this room with … 17 members of the faith community … [I]n all the years I have been doing this, the first time there has been an overwhelming consensus, from the evangelical groups … Continue reading

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A World Without Guns? No Thanks.

Cross-posted on the Corner: Sam Harris is a “New Atheist” and a Second Amendment skeptic too — wait, wait – and there’s a lot to disagree with in this new piece of his (“collective psychosis”, good lord). Nevertheless, agree or … Continue reading

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Self-help in Harlem

I’m no fan of the death penalty, having concluded that its massive costs outweigh its obvious justice and that its deterrent effect is next to nothing, given the decades-long due process gauntlet that the courts have imposed on its exercise.  … Continue reading

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