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Germany: “Everything about this mosque made me feel uneasy”

Cross-posted on the Corner: One obvious concern about Angela Merkel’s decision last year to, so to speak, throw open the doors to Germany was the obvious risk that potential jihadists were among those that she was  welcoming into the country. … Continue reading

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God and Mammon

How the Roman Catholic Church chooses to decide who is—and who is not a Roman Catholic—is up to that church. Even so, this is quite a story (from Reuters): Liberal and conservative Roman Catholic activists in Germany criticised a decree … Continue reading

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Other People’s Money

In its combination of sanctimony, self-importance and taxpayer-funded extravagance, here—from Germany—is a perfect little tale of today’s political class: Education Minister Annette Schavan flew to a personal audience with Pope Benedict XVI using a military jet, at a cost of … Continue reading

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There’s liberal, and liberal….

Most of the time I think that American liberal shift from that term to “progressive” is kind of strange, since everyone knows that progressive means liberal. But sometimes I wonder if one of its positive benefits is to dampen the … Continue reading

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Decline of the West

Writing over on the Corner, I’ve put up a few posts on the hand-wringing in Europe over the allegedly unseemly American response to the death of bin Laden, not to speak of the (manufactured) outrage over the the failure to … Continue reading

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