Secular Egyptian Muslims are like Christian Reconstructionists

At Discover I report some of the attitudes in Muslim nations in relation to particular crimes or infractions against social mores:

Support for harsh punishments (affirm action)
  Stone adulterers Whip & amputate hands of robbers Death penalty for apostates
Indonesia 42 36 30
Turkey 16 13 5
Egypt 82 77 84
Pakistan 82 82 76

Almost no one in the “American Taliban” would support these harsh actions as punishment for crimes. And yet the majority of Egyptians do support these barbaric laws. It is correct that a very small minority of radical American Protestants do agree with the majority of Egyptians. They’re Christian Reconstructionists. This is why I say that when one speaks of “moderate” Muslims, one may still be characterizing an individual with very conservative beliefs. It may simply be that “moderate” individuals flinch from such medieval and barbaric punishments.

There is now some concern about the power and role of the Muslim Brotherhood within Egyptian society. But the Muslim Brotherhood are no cabal of wizards with magical powers of persuasion. They reflect deep-seated attitudes spread widely in the Egyptian populace. Even if the Muslim Brotherhood does not take pride of place within a reconstructed political order, deeply retrograde religious mores will probably become even more prominent in Egyptian public life. Vox populi, vox dei.

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