Second Chance


Death the end? Ah no, my friend, only a turning of the wheel. Don’t you remember the beer ad from Kentucky Fried Movie?

“You’re only reincarnated six or seven times in life …”

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2 Responses to Second Chance

  1. Elroy says:

    I read a theory once that the universe may be reborn and destroyed on a regular interval. I don’t remember the details but the basic theory was the big bang was (is) a recurring event and that if the exact same conditions exist each time, the new universe will be an exact copy of the old so we may all come back again and again to infinity. I find it both horrifying and comforting. There are a few moments I would be happy to see again. If I were the average Haitian however I might find this theory kind of depressing.

  2. Dave from Boston says:

    “Put him in cell # one and give him a drink”

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