On the vagaries of offense

Over at Discover blogs I posted on a new paper on the emergence of clothing lice in humans. To illustrate the shift from hairy, to naked hairless, to clothed hairless, I slapped together a montage which included Kemal Ataturk in a top hat. Why Ataturk? Because his was the first full body shot in a top hat in Wikipedia’s entry, and it was public domain. Didn’t even recognize the great man initially, just looked like a guy in a top hat.

Well, that got the Turks very offended. More specifically, some Turks. Here’s a representative comment:

Do you aware of you’ve been using a photo of the founder of Turkey?
And do you think this revilement will not be punished?
I would like to inform you the answar is “NO”.

razib khan or whatever, from pakistan, from a country that we’re helping for the flood disaster. is that your appreciation? Seems you’ve forgotten who’d deigned your lifes.

razib khan, I’m sincerely informing and underlining that will not be forgotten, also your name too.

If you like take it as a threat, because it is.


Keep paging down.

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