On debates to have….

In response to comments, I will state beforehand that I won’t be discussing the existence of God or Creationism much.  Evolution is true.  I would just as rather discuss the validity of Newtonianism, Astrology, the molecule or phlogistan.  In other words, evolution is one of those things where I have a very high degree of certitude as to whether it is true or not, such that I feel ridiculous wasting my finite life discussing its truth or not.  As for God, the only times I have “converted” people to my own position, and through no conscious intent I might add, was through my example as a well adjusted person who needed no supernatural grounding for ethical behavior or happiness.  I don’t think discussing the merits of presuppositions is generally very fruitful.  I don’t believe in an afterlife, so I’m understandably the sort who is very fixated on useful allocation of my discretionary time.  If you want arguments about God and Darwin, you won’t get them from me….

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