Must Try Harder

Over at Patheos, Kathy Schiffer is running a series on the “Best 100 Catholic Speakers” and here she is with seminary professor Dr. Janet Smith, author of Contraception: Why Not?

Choice quote from Dr. Smith:

I think contraception is an insult to women…. [W]omen basically apologize for their fertility. “I’m sorry. When I have sex I may get pregnant. Sure, I’ll be glad to mess with my body to correct this humiliating and inconvenient feature of my sex.”

I don’t know what it worse about that, the simpering pastiche of political correctness, or the utter logical breakdown.

And then I note this:

As a seminary professor, Dr. Janet Smith is helping to shape the next generation of priests.

Oh well.

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2 Responses to Must Try Harder

  1. JC penny says:

    “utter logical breakdown”? Get real. I am a rabid (old-fashioned) libertarian atheist. Your commentary reeks of ultra-left narcissism.

    For you to so arrogantly disuse this priest’s viewpoint that women should restrain from intercourse because it’s not right is appalling.

    He is correct when he says that a woman that wants to have sex without the ‘danger’ presented by fertility requires something to inhibit her fertility as opposed to her animalistic desire to mate.

    I if you’re going to be a member of the secular right, PLEASE do not emulate the self-indulging left.


  2. Andrew Stuttaford says:

    Oh come on.

    Nowhere do I directly address the attitude of the author of those words (she is not a priest incidentally)to sex. My post purely directed some attention towards Smith’s bizarre and foolish conceit that contraception was an “insult” to women.

    As to the idea that my commentary reeked of ultra-left narcissism, I pulled my gaze away from my mirror for long enough to re-read the post and I’m afraid I don’t see it.

    Perhaps that’s just me…

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