Miscellany, May 4

  • News that former Trent Lott aide Edwina Rogers named as top atheist lobbyist ruffles commenters at Daily Caller [TheDC]
  • Indian skeptic charged with blasphemy for revealing secret behind “miracle” of weeping cross [Doctorow] Denmark Supreme Court, 7-0, strikes down conviction of Lars Hedegaard for criticizing Islam in own home [Mark Steyn]
  • N. C. preacher says he was just joking when he advised dads to smack around offspring. Oh? [Ann Althouse]
  • Failure to accommodate religious beliefs forbidding hair-cutting result in $27K payout by NC Taco Bell operator [EEOC]
  • Law to legalize necrophilia? Egyptian Bonk of the Dead story turns out to be too good to check [Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor]
  • Ryan Radia on Twitter, attending American Enterprise Institute banquet: “At #aeigala Leon Kass asks whether freedom and prosperity are meaningful without love for God and country. Answer: yes, absolutely.”
  • And speaking of Twitter, you can follow Secular Right on it here.

About Walter Olson

Fellow at a think tank in the Northeast specializing in law. Websites include overlawyered.com. Former columnist for Reason and Times Online (U.K.), contributor to National Review, etc.
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3 Responses to Miscellany, May 4

  1. Jeeves says:

    Egyptian Bonk of the Dead

    Either a felicitous failure of Spellcheck or Mr. Olson’s sly allusion to necrophilia.

  2. Jeeves says:

    Re: Secular Coalition For America, the atheist lobby mentioned in the first bullet point, the linked news story links to the Coalition’s scorecard for presidential candidates. Obama comes out on top ins every category, including being “consistently positive” toward “scientifically based regulations and legislation.”

    So does this mean God is a Climate Change Skeptic?

  3. AYY says:

    I went over to some of the lefty atheist blogs,like Greta Christina, Camels With Hammers, and a few others. The commenters, with only a few exceptions, are throwing fits that God forbid a Republican, of all things, could be a lobbyist in a secular/atheist organization.

    It’s as though they’re saying just because you think you’re an atheist doesn’t mean that you’re a proper atheist. And you’re not a proper atheist if you don’t have the proper leftist belief system.

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