Miscellany, January 29

  • Ross Douthat doesn’t like Bertrand Russell’s “orbiting teacup” analogy and its modern Flying Spaghetti Monster descendant; Andrew Sullivan and readers then proceed to go ’round and ’round with the question [first, second, third, fourth posts]
  • In the Roman Catholic Church’s latest public relations setback, Pope Benedict XVI has revoked the excommunication of four schismatic Lefebvrist bishops including Holocaust denier Richard Williamson. Some reactions: Rod Dreher (“You won’t believe what a malicious fruitcake Williamson is”), Yoni Goldstein/National Post, Dallas News religion blog, Amy Alkon, Allahpundit, Orac, new Damon Linker blog at TNR.
  • Totally unrelated to above item, even if it sounds as if there might be some connection: “Our Lady of Mercy entered a $4.5 million settlement with prosecutors….” [NY Post] It was a hospital billing scam.
  • According to an approving Polly Toynbee in The Guardian, Britain’s Labour government “will create a new over-arching law creating a duty on the whole public sector to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor”. It’s enough to make Paul Dennett of A Progressive Viewpoint (“A journal of Classical Liberal and Neo-Conservative commentary”) wonder whether the U.K. is heading down the road of the society in Atlas Shrugged.

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