Miscellany, December 2

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been absent from the site for half a year (unless you count Secular Right’s Twitter account) and I’ll be scarce for yet a while longer because of the book manuscript I need to finish. But there’s still time to round up some short items from the past month that might otherwise pass without note:

  • “Few people are motivated by purely secular considerations to become …better people.” Really? [PrawfsBlawg]
  • Trail of proposed Uganda death-for-gays law leads back to U.S. [Box Turtle Bulletin]
  • “Why he stopped believing: confessions of a former missionary” [Amy Alkon]
  • “Coma man” tale: “CNN and MSNBC duped by ‘facilitated communication’” [Michael Rosch/Examiner, Orac/Respectful Insolence]
  • “War on Christmas” grievance-collectors really should lighten up [Ken at Popehat]
  • Successful “libel-in-fiction” claim against author of bestselling “Red Hat Club” novel included allegations that plaintiff had been depicted as atheist and “right-wing reactionary” [Fulton County Daily Report, Overlawyered]
  • “Hard Evidence: Seven salient facts about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan” [Christopher Hitchens]
  • “How many Bibles must there be in the jury room to aid in the deliberations?” Four in this Texas capital case [Scott Greenfield]
  • “Man sacked for belief in psychics backed by judge” [U.K. Independent]
  • Heh: “Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful.” [USA Today; Alabama woman who changed her name to “Jesus Christ”]

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