Karl Popper and the Rapture

It’s odd to observe conventional believers—such as Rush Limbaugh on his radio show today—mock the Rapture proponents.  The evidentiary basis for more mainstream propositions about the afterlife and the nature of God is identical to those predicting a Doomsday within our lifetimes: a set of allegedly Holy writings coupled with textual exegesis.  Christians or Muslims who confidently describe Heaven and Hell, the parceling out (by a set of ex post facto rules nowhere published in sufficient detail for a person to know what gets you into heaven and what doesn’t: for example, what if someone was a lousy tipper, or didn’t report income, or ignored pooper scooper laws?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?) of the living and dead, and the various attributes and activities of God have no more empirical grounding for those claims than Harold Camping has for his.  The only mistake of Millenarians is to offer a hypothesis that is actually falsifiable.

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