“Gone from the world of Christianity as I see it…”

Say what you will about Santorum, it’s difficult to argue that he is a man who succumbs to the vapid ecumenicism that dominates so much of the discourse we hear these days from the, uh, “faith community”.

Here he is speaking to Ave Maria University in 2008:

We all know that this country was founded on a Judeo-Christian ethic but the Judeo-Christian ethic was a Protestant Judeo-Christian ethic, sure the Catholics had some influence, but this was a Protestant country and the Protestant ethic, mainstream, mainline Protestantism, and of course we look at the shape of mainline Protestantism in this country and it is in shambles, it is gone from the world of Christianity as I see it. […]

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4 Responses to “Gone from the world of Christianity as I see it…”

  1. jb says:

    In a way, I can’t really criticize Santorum for this. I’m pretty certain that if you were to take a typical mainline Protestant churchman from 200 years ago and show him America today he would in fact be absolutely horrified at the state of his denomination, and would probably agree with Santorum 100 percent. (Of course whether this is going to win him any votes is another matter entirely).

  2. Nathan Arov says:


    God have mercy on the next person who utters this nonsense in my vicinity.

  3. Jeeves says:

    Perhaps Santorum is harkening back to the 1930 Lambeth Conference at which it was decided that artificial birth control was A-O.K. for C of E parishioners.

    I’m not disturbed by the remote possibility that Santorum will be the nominee because the GOP candidate, whomever he is, will be a sacrificial lamb. The GOP should concentrate on holding on to the House and removing Harry Reid.

  4. eugen says:

    I agree with what I take to be Nathan Arov’s comment. How about asking some Orthodox Rabbis what they think of “Judeo-Christianity”?

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