Free The Pussy Rioters (3)

Der Spiegel’s new cover uses the plight of Pussy Riot to suggest where Russia is headed: “on the way to a perfect dictatorship”:

And the Russian Orthodox Church is playing along. Appalling.

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5 Responses to Free The Pussy Rioters (3)

  1. Polichinello says:

    Really? Germany’s taking up the cause? We can all agree that Russia’s going overboard with these skanks, but they did at least commit what we all perceive as a criminal act. How about publishing “hate speech” in Europe? That’s not trespassing into a church I’m talking about, it’s publishing a book full of wrongthought, or an article, or even giving a speech. In supposedly “free” Europe, you can be prosecuted and sent to jail for saying something critical of the wrong victim group. That goes for Bridget Bardot, the BNP leadership, Orianni Fallaci, and David Irving. Then, of course, there’s Canada, with Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant (who escaped), and number of nameless people who have not.

    I’m not a fan of any of these people, but it’s funny how all the people who are now moaning and wailing over these weird sisters–who alternate between orgies, shoving poultry up their vaginas (yes, literally) and storming altars during a service–when they show nearly as much enthusiasm for the suppression of free speech closer to home.

  2. right flag marching says:

    Ditto what Polichinello said.

  3. cynthia curran says:

    That’s true they trespassed into a church. Trespassing is a crime. The sisters looked pretty much on the left and while I’m not a Putin fan and I’m aware of the Orthodox Church has made it difficult with other religions in Russia and Greece, you can be jailed for street preaching if its not Orthodox I think its been blown out of portion.

  4. Polichinello says:

    I’m no big fan of the Putin regime, and I think the Orthodox Church should not be so aligned with him. What galls about this issue, though, is that we all know that not only wouldn’t these bints dare try this stunt in a mosque in a country like Egypt, Iran or Syria (that’s easy), but they also wouldn’t dare try it in a mosque in just about any western European country, because they’d be looking at doing hard time there too. The state there would prosecute them, and probably just as vigorously as the Russians, if not more so.

    The only excuse Europe can offer is something like “Well, 70 years there were nazis, and they’re bad, so no criticizing brown people.” Well, fine, the Russians just finished off with Communism, which included as part of its official program obscene parodies of the Orthodox Church almost exactly like the sort Pussy Riot engaged in. Historical memories are a two way street.

    Stuttaford is at least consistent on paper about this issue, though his passion seems more stoked against the Russian because…well, because hurr, XTIANS!!!. I’d rather we focused this passion closer to home, as we aren’t really affected by how the Russians treat a trio of perverts*, but we are affected by the hall monitors of hate speech. Really, this whole thing is just another issue over which liberals and neocons can work themselves into a self-righteous and hypocritical lather.

    *If you have another label for some who pushes a chicken up her snatch, I’d like to hear it.

  5. Andrew Stuttaford says:

    Polichinello, thanks (as always) for your comments. I have just put up another post on these ladies. It may deal with some of your points (some of which I felt had already been addressed before…).

    As to where my passions are “stoked”, I’d only say that I have been writing about militant Islam–and the West’s often ludicrously feeble response to it–for over a decade now. I expect to be writing about it for years to come.

    So no, the amount of attention I have focused on the Pussy Rioters of late is not because they are “hurr, Xtians” but because it is a new story, and one that seems to crystallize two themes that ought to be of interest to readers of this site: Russia’s descent into deeper authoritarianism and the relationship that the regime has developed with the Russian Orthodox Church. I will confess, however, to an interest in Russia that stretches back to my childhood.

    As for the Pussy Rioters themselves, I talk about their (bizarre) politics in my latest post. Their politics are not my politics, but the fact remains (a) that they should not still be in jail and (b) their plight has a lot to say about how Russia is run today.

    Their artistic stunts are not for me. A supermarket chicken belongs on a dinner plate, not, uh, elsewhere. Nevertheless, I cannot say that that particular performance worries me overmuch. It was childish, but no big deal, and the chicken was long dead.

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