Cultural Adjustment

Here’s a little gem of multi-culti lunacy from the newspaper you have never, ever seen anyone reading:

In Ohio, officials designing a seat-belt campaign aimed at the state’s large Somali refugee population wanted to adapt the popular “Click it or ticket” slogan but found that “ticket” doesn’t translate.

“They don’t have a government in Somalia, so ‘ticket’ doesn’t mean anything to them,” says Tina O’Grady, administrator of the state’s Traffic Safety Office. “We ended up translating it as ‘Strap it, or lose your livestock,’ which also means your money or income or livelihood.”

[Me]  I can’t see what would have been wrong with:  “Strap it, or we’ll send the militia round to massacre everyone in your village and feed their corpses to wild dogs.”  But hey.

[Insensitive? Moi?]

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