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Some book stuff:

(1) Are there any WAD blogs? people are asking me.  Well,  I’m running one on my own website here, and there’s some to and fro about the book on one of the Amazon history forums here.

(2) The Russian translation of Prime Obsession is proceeding towards publication at a speed barely perceptible but, the translator assures me, “nonzero.” We now have a cover designed. I kind of like seeing my name in Russian, but … shouldn’t there be a patronymic in there? My Dad was John too, so it seems to me I should be Джон Джонович  Дербишир. I think this would go great in one of those heavy Russian novels.

At Bald Hills, Prince Dzhon Dzhonovich Derbishir’s estate, the
arrival of young Prince Andrew and his wife was daily expected, but
this expectation did not upset the regular routine of life in the
old prince’s household. General in Chief Prince Dzhon Dzhonoovich
(nicknamed in society, “the King of Prussia”) ever since the Emperor
Paul had exiled him to his country estate had lived there continuously
with his daughter, Princess Mary, and her companion, Mademoiselle
Bourienne. Though in the new reign he was free to return to the
capitals, he still continued to live in the country, remarking that
anyone who wanted to see him could come the hundred miles from Moscow to
Bald Hills, while he himself needed no one and nothing …

Born out of my time and place, that’s what it is. I would have been good to my serfs, I swear I would.

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