Are you a “great American”?

What does a “great American” who disagrees with President Obama do?  Pray for him.  Peggy Noonan, who has already informed Obama about her own prayer-activities on his behalf, says that the Right to Life march prayed for the president during the inauguration–“as great Americans, which is what they are, would.”   Readers have criticized me for being too prickly about public announcements of prayer, so I will assume that Noonan merely means to say that “great Americans” wish their president well and that she is making no claims about the relationship between good citizenship and religiosity.

Noonan warns Obama that “radical movement on abortion” would rouse the “sleeping giant  that is American conservatism.”  Maybe so.  But many conservatives are just as worried that a Democratic Congress is about to give government an all but permanent role in the economy, thus impairing the dynamism and entrepreneurship that is America’s greatest economic asset.

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