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Via the BBC:

A Lebanese man sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for sorcery has been given a temporary reprieve, his lawyer says. Ali Sabat’s execution was scheduled for Friday but his lawyer, May el-Khansa, told the BBC she had been assured by a Lebanese minister it would not happen. Mr Sabat, who is in his 40s, was the host of a satellite TV programme in which he predicted the future. He was arrested by religious police while on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in 2008 and convicted of sorcery.

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2 Responses to Ancient & Modern

  1. TAS says:

    It’s interesting that the “progressive” blogs have had no mention of this, whereas they were foaming at the mouth when a Christian principal banned two lesbians from going to prom together at a small town high school last month. I guess they must have different priorities.

  2. Polichinello says:

    C’mon, it sounds like the guy was guilty of practicing sorcery. That sorcery is applesauce doesn’t change that.

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