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“The Lowest of the Low Hanging Fruit on the Apostasy Tree”

Writing over at Patheos, Oklahoma State Rep. Rebecca Hamilton appears to be a touch irritated with some of those who have been disagreeing with the pope’s take on the free market: The pope attackers are trying to use the same … Continue reading

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Santorum, Again

Politico: As condolences and reflections followed the passing of Nelson Mandela, Rick Santorum linked the injustices the former South African president fought and Obamacare. “He was fighting against some great injustice, and I would make the argument that we have … Continue reading

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Fox News reports: [Cardinal] Dolan…said he was “disappointed” that Congress has failed to pass immigration reform and put the blame on the Republican-led House that has yet to vote on the issue. “You guys have got to get your act … Continue reading

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For Thee, But Not For Me (Again)

Fox News: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, said Sunday the Catholic church remains opposed to ObamaCare in large part because it requires businesses to offer health-insurance plans that include no-cost contraception. Dolan, the former president of the … Continue reading

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Pope, Rush

One of the many advantages of not being religious is that I don’t have to spend any time wrestling with the “contradictions” of my faith. Christianity has—stretching from its murky beginnings to its wildly syncretic present—quite a few of those. … Continue reading

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A Doctor Looks at the Papal Prescription, Finds it Lacking

Cross-posted on Ricochet. I’ll admit it, I’d been waiting for this. Over at the Liberty Law blog, Theodore Dalrymple has now taken a look at what the pope had to say: I was …not completely out of sympathy with some … Continue reading

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