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Addicted to activism

The Discontent Baseline: I asked this on Twitter yesterday, but I think it’s an important issue. At lunch with a coworker last week talking over the “pay freeze” nonsense and the bargaining over the Bush tax cuts, I was a … Continue reading

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Obama paranoia and Wikileaks

The daily deluge of diplomatic cables from the Wikileaks plunder, of which the New York Times is shamelessly and despicably availing itself, is heartbreaking and infuriating.  The good faith efforts on the part of our government representatives to honestly assess … Continue reading

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Bradlaugh Savaged by Dead Sheep

Here’s a cross-posting from The Corner at National Review Online. Been doing a few rounds with the George W. Bush fans, most recently with one Peter Wehner, who worked in Bush’s Department Of Alleviating All Suffering Everywhere And Hang The … Continue reading

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Aslan Slandered?

Cross-posted over at the Corner: Via the Daily Telegraph: Liam Neeson has caused controversy by suggesting that Aslan, the Christlike character in C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books, could represent the prophet Mohammed or Buddha. The actor who voices the lion in … Continue reading

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Playing with fire

Both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal had large photos on their front pages yesterday of student thugs attacking the police in London (framed by a huge graffiti scroll “REVOLUTION”), Rome, and Bologna to “protest” tuition and education … Continue reading

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