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Why Obama is likely to be privately irreligious

The heritability of religiosity is modest in the American environment. In some environments, such as Saudi Arabia, a normal range in variation in religiosity obviously can not express itself. But under more relaxed conditions it seems that around half of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Religion

I had a go at this topic in last week’s Radio Derb: . . . there’s been some shock and horror expressed at the finding by a Time magazine poll that 24 percent of Americans think the president is a … Continue reading

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Obama the Muslim (2)

Over in the Corner, I take a look at some smart commentary on the Obama-is-a-Muslim poll findings.

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Obama the Muslim

The new survey from the Pew Research Center appearing to show that nearly one in-in-five Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim is as depressing as it is (regrettably) unsurprising. Missing however was any data on how many now think … Continue reading

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Wisdom in Wisconsin

Good news from the Wall Street Journal: Wisconsin is pushing to expand a controversial program that uses federal Medicaid funds to provide free birth-control pills, vasectomies and other forms of contraception to low-income people, an effort made possible by the … Continue reading

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Having our way with the past, for it has no honor!

Ross Douthat’s new column, Islam in Two Americas is getting a lot of play. Douthat has to constrain his prose to make it suitable for a print column…I can almost see the excisions of nuance and subtly necessitated by the … Continue reading

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Yes, It Matters

Here from Big Questions Online is an interesting piece by Michael Graziano, a Princeton professor who describes himself as a neuroscientist and atheist, but “not an anti-theist”. His starting point is (to me) pretty sound: I find religion to be … Continue reading

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When a situation becomes an attribute

In my post below I made a distinction between a set of actions and behaviors arising from a particular situation, and those arising from an attribute. Psychopaths may behave totally normally and ethically in a situation where deviation from the … Continue reading

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PayPal Visit?

Via the Daily Mail: Senior Vatican officials who will accompany the Pope on his historic visit to Britain will stay in a luxury hotel where rooms cost up to £900 a night – courtesy of UK taxpayers. The Government has … Continue reading

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The historical uses of relativism

Since Andrew noted a revision of the name for the “Cordoba House,” I thought I would discuss something which has alway bothered me: the perceptions of Muslim Spain by both the opponents and proponents of the project. The opponents argue … Continue reading

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