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Okey Dokey

Via the National Catholic Reporter, June 11, 2010: Since the Catholic sexual abuse crisis erupted a decade ago, there have been numerous attempts to explain its causes, from a lack of fidelity to an over-emphasis on celibacy and clerical privilege. … Continue reading

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Do no harm

Social engineering is ridiculous quite often, but this really reads as if it’s out of The Onion, A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding: “I think it is kids’ preference to pair up and have that one best friend. As … Continue reading

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Obama’s Katrina, the Right’s Shamelessness

No matter what President Obama says tonight in his speech on the oil spill, we can be sure that right-wing pundits will blast it for being the wrong thing at the wrong time—even though from the moment the spill occurred, … Continue reading

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On Jews & genetics

I have been travelling, and so blogging has been light from my end for a while now. But I thought I would point readers to a long post I put up over at Discover Blogs on Jewish genetics. The post … Continue reading

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Re: Agora

Then you could read about Hypatia on pages 44-45 of my history of algebra. You could also cast an eye on Charles William Mitchell’s melodramatic (and to my eye, sexually ambiguous) painting of the lady’s last moments, in the photo … Continue reading

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Looking for a new movie to watch? Give Agora a try. This intriguing and ultimately very moving  film tells the tale of Hypatia, the (atheist) mathematician and philosopher murdered by a Christian mob in 415 AD. Silver screen historical accuracy is what it … Continue reading

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