Via The Blaze:

Atheist activists have a knack for picking riveting, infuriating and seemingly never-ending battles. During the Christmas season, they aim for nativities on public property and at the end of every school year, their targets set on commencement prayers.

While these battles have become all-too-familiar, there’s one showdown brewing that distinguishes itself from the rest — atheists’ demands that a cross found in the rubble following the September 11, 2001 attacks not be included in a museum that is being planned to commemorate the lives lost during the tragedy.

American Atheists (AA), a group working to advance the secular cause, has been leading the charge against the Ground Zero cross since July 2011, when the organization first filed suit against it. TheBlaze’s Meredith Jessup has explored this issue, in detail, on TheBlaze Blog, where she explained AA’s main arguments against the cross’ inclusion.

“The atheists’ suit claims that by including the cross in a museum on public property, the government is unconstitutionally endorsing a religion,” Jessup writes. “It also asserts that the mere presence of the cross would result in emotional — and possibly even physical — injuries among atheists who will feel anxious and excluded.”

Get a life and all that.


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4 Responses to Cretins

  1. Jay says:

    I prefer the real argument: “It’s tacky.”

  2. John W says:

    These atheist loons give the rest of us a bad name. The cross isn’t tacky. It is a deeply meaningful symbol to many people, especially those who lost their loved ones on 9/11. It is tacky and mean-spirited to pick a fight with people who are trying to come to terms with their loss.

  3. Susan says:

    This is beyond asinine. I hope these cretins–good word–never take a stroll through the medieval and renaissance wings of the National Gallery. Both are bursting with taxpayer-funded religious imagery, including, gasp, crosses.

    And are they aware that their acronym has already been adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous?

    And what is the problem with being excluded? I love it. It makes me feel…exclusive.

  4. Dave says:

    What does a cross found in the rubble have to do with commemorating the dead? What distinguishes this cross from any other object found in the rubble?

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