No Contest

The Rev. Denise Giardina of Saint John’s Episcopal Church, Charleston, WV, has come out with a snide little sermon “matching” the views of a writer (Ayn Rand) against those of a largely legendary figure (Jesus), one of His followers (St. Timothy) and a comedian (Stephen Colbert). The reverend claims to be staging something that she calls, with classic priestly selectivity, a “smackdown” between Ayn Rand and the Bible. It’s actually nothing of the sort, but let that pass.

Now, I should say that my enthusiasm for Ms. Rand is somewhat qualified, and I thought that some of the ‘Going Galt’ chatter of a year or so back was distinctly overwrought. Nevertheless, let’s just say that if anything is likely to increase my admiration for the sage of Murray Hill it is nonsense of the type apparently now being spouted from the pulpit of Saint John’s Episcopal, Charleston, WV, but read the sermon and judge for yourselves.

Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan, who is using this sermon to attack Newt Gingrich for hypocrisy. Presumably Mr. Gingrich has being saying something favorable about Ayn Rand or the new Atlas Shrugged movie. No big deal if so; the former Mr. Speaker is a carnival barker these days and the show must go on and on and on…

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