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“The Lowest of the Low Hanging Fruit on the Apostasy Tree”

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Cemetery, Milan, Sept 1988 (AS)Writing over at Patheos, Oklahoma State Rep. Rebecca Hamilton appears to be a touch irritated with some of those who have been disagreeing with the pope’s take on the free market:

The pope attackers are trying to use the same thing that President Obama has used in pushing the HHS Mandate. They are counting — probably correctly — on the latent anti-Catholicism in our society, in particular in certain conservative Protestant circles.

Not only do these outlandish slanders against the Pope feed them red Catholic blood to whet their anti-Catholicism, they demonstrate what can happen to those who don’t do what they are told. The Pope might be able to shrug off their insults, but lesser clergy would have their reputations and careers wrecked by an onslaught like this.

In short, since they can’t bully and coerce the Pope, they will try as much as possible to isolate him and render his moral teachings insignificant among those religious leaders they can bully and coerce.

That is what is causing the outrageous attacks on the Pope.

…From some of the comments I’ve seen, I would guess that a number of Public Catholic readers are drinking this Pope-hating Kool Aid. This is the small first test in what is coming people. If you allow these crude and vulgar attacks to shear you away from your Church, then you are the lowest of the low hanging fruit on the apostasy tree.

Good heavens….


  • John · December 8, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Part of the reason why I left the Catholic Church was precisely because of their leftist political views on everything not about sex. If I had retained my belief in God, I probably would have switched to a Protestant church by now. This stuff does matter.

    Of course, believers on the left will find themselves more attracted to the Church.

  • LiveFreeOrDie · December 9, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    The pope (as well as the rest of the hierarchy) is an idiot if he truly believes the socialist claptrap he espouses. I suspect he doesn’t really believe it. Rather he is just protecting his “brand”.



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