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Big Government in South Dakota

Time reports on a new law from South Dakota:

In an ongoing effort to push legislation to reduce abortion rates — in part by restricting women’s access to the procedure — South Dakota’s Gov. Dennis Daugaard, a Republican, signed into law on Tuesday the most stringent such bill yet.

The new law requires women who seek abortions to first undergo a consultation at a “pregnancy help center,” centers whose counselors oppose abortion. The law also requires women to wait three days after meeting with an abortion provider before she can receive the procedure.

And what sort of qualifications do the people who work at these centers possess?

The centers themselves — which are also known as crisis pregnancy centers, and have been increasing in number nationwide — are not regulated by any medical authority.

So is this, as some like to claim, just a matter of ensuring that these women are “fully informed”, albeit by people with no obvious qualification to do so?

According to the new law, pregnancy help center staff may control who should be allowed in the room during counseling sessions (such as spouses, parents and religious counselors), independent of the woman’s wishes.

Nope, it seems not.

And then there’s this, via the New York Times:

[The law] makes exceptions for medical emergencies, but not for rape or incest.



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