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It’s Muslim kids, not parents, who are embracing a politicized Islam:

I’ve attended two universities in Toronto and, at both, joined the Muslim students associations. I was told to sit behind the men, not next to them. That it would be better if I covered my hair. That sharia is the optimal way to resolve personal, legal and political issues. I was even told that, when filling out a form, the ink from my pen should not touch the ink of a “brother’s” pen. Is this the modernity and freedom that brought my parents here?



Miscellany, January 4

  • Canadian blog Gods of the Copybook Headings — and is anyone here unfamiliar with the classic Kipling secular-rightish poem (bonus Bradlaugh content!) alluded to in that title? — interviews its founder/chief blogger about his classical liberal views (via);
  • Bon mot from Julian Sanchez: “Abstraction has a way of masking disagreement: Everybody’s in favor of ‘liberty,’ for some values of ‘liberty.'” The whole article, on efforts by conservatives to organize online, is worth reading.
  • Things are different in Britain. There’s the splash about the Conservative Humanist Association. There’s London’s amazing and dynamic Mayor Boris Johnson. And now comes word that not one but two MPs in David Cameron’s Tory Shadow Cabinet, likely ministers in a future Conservative government, have entered civil partnerships with their same-sex partners. Per Alex Massie, Shadow Justice Minister Nick Herbert “worked for the British Field Sports Society (ie, the fox-hunting and grouse-shooting lobby) for six years before entering parliament. Culturally at least, that organisation is to the Tory party rather what the National Rifle Association is to the GOP.”
  • Tabloid report: Mob sacks and burns Joseph Priestley’s laboratory to protest his Unitarian views (so maybe things have improved since 1791; via; more from Jonathan Rowe)

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