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On Jews & genetics

I have been travelling, and so blogging has been light from my end for a while now. But I thought I would point readers to a long post I put up over at Discover Blogs on Jewish genetics. The post wasn’t long enough really to say everything that needs to be said, so I’ll follow up, but I didn’t have more time than an afternoon to devote to it. Of more relevance to Secular Right readers, I’ll be posting a moderately negative review of Larry Witham’s Marketplace of the Gods: How Economics Explains Religion over there too. Shorter: more a bibliography than a précis, and a bit ill-timed in regards to capitalizing on the boom of economics-explains-everything books (writing began before the 2008 Financial Crisis).



  • cynthia curran · June 9, 2010 at 2:55 am

    Not certain if the candidate in SC is a non-chrirstian but believe it or not a Indian(as in India) American may win in SC and was endorsed in probably the second highest evangelical states in the Union by thet the Sanfords. This is a good sign that economics not just the social issues is coming slowly back to the Republican party. In fact, consertative and moderate Repubicans are coming outside of the tradional evangelical protestant group now more so than during Bushes reign, and also remember Bobby Jandal, the Indian Amerian Catholic which put Obama to shame. Even with Jandal’s flaws, Obama looks like a fool.

  • Panglos · June 13, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Does it mean anything to discuss “Jewish” genetics?

    For instance the claim is often made that Jews have an inordinate ranking in certain prizes such as the Nobel.

    However, a ranking of countries by IQ shows that Israel is 15th behind mostly oriental and European countries.

    The retort is that European Jews have much higher IQs than Middle Eastern Jews which begs the question “Does Jewishness really mean anything as a causative factor?”

  • Danny · June 14, 2010 at 5:16 am

    Does it mean anything to discuss any behavioral predisposition based on race? Why not dissect overpaid CEOs based on race, as well?:



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